Schedule of Fees

1. Core Hours (Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm) - $110/hour
2. Non-Core Hours - $165/hour
3. Telephone calls - billed at 15 minute intervals (at the discretion of Thames Valley Solutions Inc.)
4. Travel time - billed from the offices of Thames Valley Solutions Inc.
5. Mileage rate - $0.48/kilometer


Response Times

1. Level 1 (determined by client) - 4 hours
2. Level 2 (default) - same business day
3. Level 3 - next business day


Point of Contact

1. All verbal requests for work to be performed must be submitted by a person designated by the client
2. Requests from non-designated personnel may be verbal but must be accompanied in writing (email) and a copy must be sent to the person designated by the client 


Equipment Supplied

1. All equipment supplied will be priced at cost plus 10 percent
2. Thames Valley Solutions Inc. may request a deposit on purchased hardware/software



1. All invoicing will be done at the end of the month in which the task/request has been completed
2. Payments will be made within 30 days of the invoice date otherwise interest will be charged on past due invoices


Additional Services

1. Routine Maintenance - will be done on an as needed basis as requested by the client and billed accordingly.  These tasks may be scheduled to be performed on a regular basis as request by the client.  These tasks include and not limited to:
a. Disk cleanup
b. Windows updates
c. Additional virus and malware scanning/virus and malware removal
d. Backup verification
e. Internet monitoring
f. Reviewing log files and system monitoring
g. Hardware/software installation and upgrades
h. Traning
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